The Discursive Construction of Class and Lifestyle

This book discusses transformations in the construction of culinary taste, lifestyle and class through cookbook language style in post-socialist Slovenia. Using a critical discourse studies approach it demonstrates how the representation of culinary advice in standard and celebrity cookbooks has changed in recent decades as a result of general social transformations such as postmodernity and globalization. It argues that compared to the standard cookbooks, where nutritionist ideology is at the forefront, the celebrity cookbooks reflect the conversational, hybrid nature of the genre, through which they promote global foodie discourse, while at the same time localizing the global trends to the Slovene context.

Taking as a case study both translation of Jamie Oliver to Slovene and the Novak family, who cooked on television in Slovenia 2009-11, the book demonstrates on the case of culinary discourse how global discourses permeate and contribute to change in local cultures.

The book was published by John Benjamins in 2017.

Cover page: John Benjamins, 2017

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Photo: Charlotte Maberly

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