Bendy Banana

Bendy Banana is part of the project on Brexit, regulation and food, supported by the Carnegie Trust (2020). When we started working on this project, Mary Irwin, who worked on this project with me, and I quickly realized that banana regulation, which the EU introduced in 1994, is one of the most visible, while at the same time one of the most ridiculed regulations related to Brexit discourse. It often appears in the media to frame any other discussion about EU regulation as unnecessary and silly, therefore, by association, representing the EU as something not be trusted or be part of.

The paper on this topic can be found here.

Related to this is our exploration of the way in which EU-related business was reported in the British media using humour – here is a presentation on this topic from a recent Symposium on Irony and Nationalism (organised by Alex Marshall at Sheffield Hallam University, UK). Our presentation starts at 2h 45 minutes.

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