Praise for the book

This volume brings together two of the most powerful ingredients for identity building: food and television. Through its transnational and European focus, it offers a delicately balanced menu of national case studies highlighting how the new medium of television treated food and cooking as both object of culinary instruction or dietetic advice and aesthetic mise-en-scèneContinue reading “Praise for the book”

Wine Advice Columns between Distinction and Democratization

In this project, Nikki Welch and I explore wine advice columns by the British wine critic Jane MacQuitty in The Saturday Times in the last four decades. We observe how MacQuitty describes and recommends wines, focusing especially on description of wine taste, provenance and food matching. We argue that describing wine taste using everyday expressionsContinue reading “Wine Advice Columns between Distinction and Democratization”

What’s in a Genre? Cookbooks, Taste and Language Style

Historically, cookbooks tended to be collections of recipes and other texts that embedded recipes, explained their significance and helped the reader to navigate their everyday life. Due to multi-platforming, cookbooks start to mirror chefs’ television brands and so the way they present food changes. Language used, topics discussed and imagery start to reflect a moreContinue reading “What’s in a Genre? Cookbooks, Taste and Language Style”

Ivan Ivačič: Slovene Culinary TV Icon of the 1960s

Ivan Ivačič was a Slovene chef, educator and TV presenter, who cooked on TV Ljubljana through the 1960s. I became fascinated with him when I researched history of cooking on TV Ljubljana in 2014, and subsequently dedicated quite a lot of time trying to understand his TV work. In 2021, he celebrated his 100th birthday!Continue reading “Ivan Ivačič: Slovene Culinary TV Icon of the 1960s”

Vegan Neonazis and anti-Semitism on Youtube

This project is a result of collaboration with Bernhard Forchtner. We examined a German neo-Nazi group of vegans called Balaclava Kuche, who through their own vegan show promoted anti-Semitic views on Youtube. In the paper, which was published in 2017 in journal Food, culture and society, we analysed the group’s messages and how they wereContinue reading “Vegan Neonazis and anti-Semitism on Youtube”

Critical Discourse Studies and Food Studies

Critical Discourse Studies (CDS) and Food Studies share a number of aims, with CDS increasingly being used as methodological framework in food-related studies. I talk about this in The discursive construction of class and lifestyle (Tominc 2017: 152) where I discuss how CDS is particularly suitable to study food, since food, like CDS, is “’aContinue reading “Critical Discourse Studies and Food Studies”